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  • Scaling

    Could a scalable site be built on WordPress or how scalable is Wordpress in general? The answer is YES! At GeekBee, WordPress is easily scalable. You can even choose manual or automatic scaling of your WordPress site.

  • Version control

    Did you change something? Satisfied with the outcome? Merge and push to live, or discard it and keep working and enjoy the full control of the file and database changes.

  • Security

    WordPress is vulnerable. Everybody knows that, right? We provide a 24/7 real-time security system that protects your website, so you don't need to be afraid of being hacked.

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We build homes for premium websites around the world since 2005. Our mission is to help people realize their dreams online, providing a safe and stable environment. We are among good friends and exciting challenges every day so we would like to spend together even more time.

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