• What Are The Differences Between Shared And Cloud WordPress Hosting? In the past, webmasters of small-scale business WordPress websites had only one affordable option to host their websites, physical shared resources hosting. Although it worked and would at times turn out to be slow and even dead, that was the...

  • GeekBee WordPress hosting suggests to seperate your web and email hosting due to security reasons. You receive two emails, two newsletters, or two offers in your inbox. Both are 100% the same. Both offering the same information and offers. Which one are you going to trust, get in touch with...

  • Conferences and workshops are some of the most effective ways to learn about new tech, meet other people and learn from the experience of others who are masters in their field of work. Also, you get to meet and hear from the makers of tech who are an absolute authority on the subject matter.

  • In our previous blogs, we have established the fact that speed is an important factor when it comes to having an online presence. Both search engines and visitors prefer faster loading sites.

  • Interesting results and patterns were found in our latest survey about your WordPress habits in the last three weeks. Because of the useful answers we have decided not to stop it, so the survey is still running, and therefore these are partial results.

  • The first trend that you should always keep in mind is to design your site for mobile devices. Google and other search engines have moved to mobile-first indexing because more than 70% of web traffic comes from mobile devices, including tablets.

  • At its core, WordPress is secure, protected, and virtually hackproof. However, its security is dependent on the user (the admin). The makers of WordPress have done everything that is necessary to keep all the holes closed, but they have also left it entirely open for its users.

  • Quite literally there is everything on YouTube from Pre-School to even Ph.D. level courses. You can not only learn stuff related to school but DIY’s, how to troubleshoot an appliance, and even learning about WordPress.

  • Your site is finally ready and you want to bring it to life? This is a great moment as from now on anyone can visit your website. Don't worry, this is just a small technical setting.