• GeekBee is known for its incredible speed, customer support, and exceptionally new and unique features. We have got something exciting for you. Announcing migration from the good old Apache servers to LiteSpeed webservers.

  • If you ask any new website owner, what’s the one thing they would like the most after their website is ready and launched? 99% of the time, their answer is more traffic, more visitors to their site. Today we are going to answer the million-dollar question for every webmaster “How to increase your website traffic?”

  • iFrames are used to import another site’s content into your site. WordPress is an extremely versatile content management system (CMS) and has multiple import systems, like iFrame and Embed, to name a few. To avoid copyright infringement and reduce the excess load on their web server, webmasters prefer using iFrames.

  • This time, let me talk about something very important, that affects all of us in some way. In case you haven’t noticed, our life turned upside down in the last year due to Covid-19. Our colleagues had to transition to home-office to keep each other safe. This doesn’t mean that life has stopped or anything. We just had to adapt to this new situation as strong bees.

  • This blog post will be a little bit different now. It’s the holidays, Christmas and stuff, I don’t need to explain, you all know how it goes.

  • Software as a Service (SaaS)is becoming more popular every passing day. Especially with access to fast Internet and high performing servers, it is the go-to solution for small to large scale enterprises.

  • Your favorite, very easy to use WordPress is built using PHP and HTML. PHP is a server-side script that means it runs on your web server, contrary to HTML that runs on your computer through internet browsers.

  • Storage has always been a scarce resource until recently. With the advent of cloud storage and access to high-speed Internet, you can access unlimited storage at a fraction of the cost.

  • WordPress was launched as a blogging platform; now it is used to host large eCommerce stores, job portals and even medical laboratories are using WordPress.