Scalable WordPress Hosting...Why does it matter? There are several WordPress hosting solutions out there, managed hosting, shared hosting, and so on. WordPress developers have to choose a hosting based on the site's needs. If you have a high traffic WordPress website, GeekBee WordPress hosting is the right solution for you. GeekBee comes with automated WordPress deployment and a tool to make WordPress scalable. Our WordPress hosting allows you to dynamically scale your performance up and down according to your traffic. If you choose the manual performance scaling of your WordPress site you can add or remove extra resources anytime. By choosing the automatic WordPress performance scaling you let the system monitor your site performance and increase or decrease its resources based on your site traffic. In addition, we guarantee high availability: 99,99% Cloud-Based Auto Scaling & High Availability.

Why important to choose Scalable WordPress hosting?

  • Speed

    With scalable WordPress hosting your site performance can be scaled up and down anytime, giving you the best speed and availability in every chosen hosting region. We also give you a WordPress caching plugin to max out your site's performance.

  • Cost-effective and stable

    Do you have a small website with just a few visitors? The basic package is an excellent choice for your needs. As time goes your visitor numbers will likely grow exponentially, but don't worry, we can scale your website resources automatically for $1/day

  • Flexibility

    Stop wasting money. Either take advantage of the manual performance scaling or let our auto-scaling system do its job. When the load decreases, we optimize your site performance by scaling down your resources to save you money. Choose a scalable host, Choose GeekBee.

Why should scalable hosting be important to you?

Why should scalable hosting be important to you?

If your site isn’t prepared for unexpected or even progressive traffic spikes, you may end up seriously slow response times or even a crashed website.

Always keep in your mind, if your site takes more than 4 seconds to load, you’ve already lost 25% of your visitors.

In 2021 online companies must have plans to deal with traffic spikes–before they actually happen. That’s why it’s so crucial to choose scalable hosting for your company, like GeekBee.

We always give you the right performance as your website traffic grows.



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  • Pay as you grow
    Pay as you grow

    You always have to pay for only the workers you use!

    You can set the number of workers either manually or automatically. In addition to auto-scaling, it also helps you to save money since any resources which are not necessary will be removed automatically as the demand drops, avoiding unwanted expenses.




  • Stress-test your website
    Stress-test your website

    How do you handle an unexpected traffic spike on your website?

    You must understand that high performance is the key to a great user experience. The test results show how your website performs under various loads. Then you can calculate how many workers your website needs for its maximum performance.




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