GeekBee Is Now Even (More) Faster

Our bees have been busy making your experience even better than before. GeekBee is known for its incredible speed, customer support, and exceptionally new and unique features. We have got something exciting for you. Announcing migration from the good old Apache servers to LiteSpeed webservers.

LiteSpeed is the server of the future with plenty of new and exciting features, and it is faster; yes, it is. From now on, your GeekBee staging sites will be handled using the magic and superior performance of the LiteSpeed server and Nginx. Let us get a little geeky about this; from now on, you will get:

  • Common cloud-based SQL server
  • System-wide UI/CSS fixes
  • Faster clone and deployment process
  • Nginx ingress setup (based on customers’ feedback)
  • ini setup (based on customers’ feedback)
  • PHP my admin default upload limit is set to 300M

According to Wikipedia, as of December 2020, the LiteSpeed web server is the 4th most popular web server used by around 8.1% of the websites, which is a big chunk.

Better HTTP/2 performance and the only HTTP/3 server for WordPress:

LiteSpeed has supported HTTP/2 since the beginning, and it is the only server that offers support for HTTP/3. Streaming is a big part of today’s Internet, and both HTTP/2 and HTTP/3 offer better TCP and QUIC for streams. Streams are given higher priority and also they share the same QUIC that means only one-time handshake is required for the whole session.

HTTP/2 performance of the LiteSpeed server was found to be 4.5 times better than Nginx not cached and uncompressed, while it performed 4.3 times better when compared using HTTP/3. Similarly for a Dynamic PHP file the ModSecurity performance of LiteSpeed web server was 13.3 times better than those of Nginx and Apache.

Better overall performance:

When tested against other well-known web servers the cached performance of the LiteSpeed web server was 74.9 times better than that of Nginx which was actually 8.5 times better than the performance of Apache using HTTP/2 standard.

LiteSpeed’s PHP SAPI is better and faster and when compared to PHP-FPM, LiteSpeed has surpassed it every time. LiteSpeed outperformed Nginx and Apache 4.5 times.

.htaccess has always been around, especially using WordPress. LiteSpeed offers unabridged caching of .htaccess, which Apache and Nginx never achieved. LiteSpeed keeps an eye on the file and only makes a change when needed. This enhances both security and performance.

LiteSpeed’s own cache plugin for WordPress:

Since we all rely on speed and are always looking for ways to beat the competition, we are happy to tell you that LiteSpeed has yet another trick up its sleeve: its very own caching plugin known as LSCache. This plugin works best with the LiteSpeed web server and utilizes all its features. Besides offering the obvious page speed optimization, it also helps optimize image service and CSS generation. This plugin also has support for third-party CDN integration. WooCommerce caching is yet another unique and very useful feature of it.

We at GeekBee are sure you will love this switch and find it much useful. Even if you do not understand a word that we mentioned here in this article, we are sure you will see a noticeable change in your websites’ speed.

By the way, did you know, GeekBee can handle extremely high traffic spikes using its built-in “Scaling” function? Read all about it here.