How to increase your website traffic?

If you ask any new website owner, what’s the one thing they would like the most after their website is ready and launched? 99% of the time, their answer is more traffic, more visitors to their site. Today we are going to answer the million-dollar question for every webmaster “How to increase your website traffic?”

Useful and Meaningful Content

No one is going to visit you just because you have a good-looking site. Yes, color combination and design customization play a key role, but the most important thing is the content. A website is not a physical spot which someone will visit just to hang out. They will visit you because they are looking for something. Whether that’s information, data, videos, images, or jokes and memes, it has to be useful and meaningful. If you have a blog about physiotherapy, it should have expert-written and professionally approved tips, tricks, how-to blogs, and articles. You cannot collect random information from other sites, publish it, and expect visitors to stick around to read and things like that.

So, make sure you have the best and most original content because plagiarism and low-quality content will drive visitors away from you.

Easy to navigate website design

Pay extra attention to your site’s navigation. Make sure it is easier for visitors to find everything. In this fast-paced world, no one has the time and energy to stop and ask for directions, nor are they going to spend “minutes” looking for that right category, product, or content. Make navigation as clear and easy as possible.

Do proper categorization and put related content at the end of each page. Visitors are interested in finding more similar content and products.

Faster loading pages

Make sure your website is fast. Google recommends page load times to be less than 3 seconds. Fast pages are a search engine ranking factor as well. Search engine rankings are one of the most important traffic driving force. It is a proven fact that visitors will abandon slower pages and move on to the next available option.

Proper Search Engine Optimization

Traffic from the search results is the most relevant and valuable traffic. People searching for something are interested in it and need it. Whether it’s information or a product, you have to tap into that resource. Properly optimized pages will load higher in the search engine results, and your chances of increasing organic traffic will increase considerably.

It is the most important and most competitive method of increasing your website traffic. Search engines have come a long way from counting keywords in your text. They can understand the context and value of your content. Make sure you have high-quality content, again, not plagiarized, and provide some value to the reader.

Social Media Activity

Social media is the primary source of information for most people online. Big brands, TV channels, news programs, car manufacturers, politicians, supermodels are all on social media because they realize and understand its power. Be active on social media. Share useful and meaningful content along with your commercial content. Don’t just flood your social media channels with sale-oriented posts; give some value as well.

Arrange contests and giveaways on your social media profiles. Let the people participate. A reward as simple as mentioning the winner’s name on your social media channel is enough to engage customers and increase visitor traffic.

Interest-based Ads

Invest in interest-based ads and marketing techniques. Whether we like it or not, Facebook and Google know way more about us than we would like them to know. However, when it comes to marketing, that is a good thing. You can invest your money in ads displayed to people who have shown interest in or are absolutely interested in your website’s content. Be it the blogs or the products you are selling; you can pinpoint your target audience and spend only on those who are more than likely to take action and visit your site.

Investing in Ads is the only financial-based solution we are listing here in our article on How to increase your website traffic? This will cost you as much money as much you use this solution. At the same time, it is the only sure and quick solution to get increased traffic to your website. However, we urge you not to rely on this solution only. The solutions mentioned above are as effective as marketing and even better when it comes to building permanent clients and readers.